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Our School is so thankful to have found Be Skilled Be Fit. We have been utilising the Gymnastics and Athletics programs for a number of years and cannot fault the professionalism of all involved. The staff taking the students for their activities are knowledgeable, caring, friendly and engage the students thoroughly. The programs have been differentiated to ensure talented students were extended whilst those requiring assistance were given modified programs and additional support. Due to this, our students have shown extensive growth in their abilities in these areas and all students have been able to achieve success. David is always accommodating and flexible with any requests made and ensures BSBF are a pleasure to deal with. We would recommend BSBF to any school!

Our school employed ‘Be Skilled Be Fit’ to run our K-2 Gymnastics and 3-6 Athletics programs across our large school. David and the team were at all times accommodating of our complex timetable and limited spaces. The program itself was very professionally run and thoroughly assessed. All equipment was provided and of a high quality.

The BSBF staff taught the specific skills required for our Athletics Carnival, then spent additional time ‘shortlisting’ for our Field Events. This made our school Athletics Carnival much easier to run for us as a school of close to 1000 students. 

Our K-2 students loved attending gymnastics each week and received specific feedback about how to improve. Teachers and parents have reported just how impressed they are with the program. So much so that we have engaged BSBF to run our 3-6 gymnastics program this term. 

It has been an absolute joy working with BSBF. The team have been fantastic! The ease of booking, timetabling all the way through to the staff who were engaged in teaching the children were all first class. The students have been actively engaged, encouraged and achieved personal bests whilst enjoying the athletics program. The last few years, our schools' athletics results have been poor with many children unable to make qualifying distances and/or heights. With the assistance of expert, explicit instruction - this year we have numerous children reaching qualifying distances/heights in every age group! The students themselves have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this weekly program as it not only gets them out of the classroom but helps them actively participate in our schools athletics carnival. From a whole staff point of view, I have only heard rave reviews about the manner, rapport and studious nature of the staff providing lessons for our students. We are certainly very glad we have taken the first step in turning around our school athletics results and look forward to working with BSBF in the future. They are definitely a standard above the rest.

“Sorry for the delay in booking our days, that had nothing to do with you that was us sorting ourselves out. It was never not going to happen as we had parents up at the school asking why it hadn’t been booked already, they are very protective of what your doing, you are part of the culture here and highly valued”

BSBF have conducted our school’s gym  / PE program for the past six years.  During this time, the quality of their programs, and of the BSBF staff who run them, has been consistently outstanding.  All of the children at our school – even those who would not normally be considered sporty – look forward to their weekly lesson with BSBF.


As one of our school’s PSSA sports coaches, I have seen a massive change during the time BSBF have been with us.  Indeed, I consider that transformation is not too strong a word for the change in the skills, and probably just as importantly in the attitude, of our students towards sport.  We have gone from being a “non-sporty” school to being a very sporty school.  Our PSSA teams have gone from consistently placing near the bottom of competitions, to placing (as they do now) consistently at or very near to the top.  And that’s in all PSSA sports, for boys and girls!


There is no doubt in my mind that BSBF’s involvement with our school has been the major contributor to this turnaround.


BSBF are thorough professionals, great people deal with – flexible, considerate, always willing to fit in with the needs of the school – and loved by our students.  We could not ask for more!

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