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Our PHDPE Programs have been developed to ensure that the students get the most out of their lesson through active mass participation.  The PE Program has been specifically designed by PE Teachers, Coaches and Athletes who have the experience and expertise to know exactly what skills students require when it comes to physical activity and the fundamental skills associated with particular sports and how to effectively teach those skills.

Over the course of the PE Program you will see a definite improvement in your students fundamental skills of running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and hitting the essential skills required by students to participate in a wide variety of sports.  At the end of the program we provide individual student reports, class teacher report and a report to the school executive as feedback of the students skill levels.

The PE Program is second to none and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for all your students irrespective of their ability and helps to develop their self esteem and confidence as their fundamental skill levels increase.

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