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Be Skilled Be Fit has conducted highly successful, quality PDHPE Programs in NSW primary schools for almost 20 years. The Philosophy that underpins our Programs is reflected in our Vision, Mission and Values Statements.


Our Vision

Leading the way in delivering high quality PDHPE programs in primary schools.


Our Mission

  • Develop and improve the sports skills of all the students we teach.

  • Encourage students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Provide schools with high quality, specialised, PDHPE programs.

  • To make a genuine difference in schools.


Our Values

  • Students – Create lasting impressions by developing lifelong skills.

  • Schools - Establish strong relationships to deliver quality programs.

  • BSBF Staff - Provide a workplace for highly motivated, enthusiastic, and professional people.

  • Equipment - Well-resourced with quality equipment to meet our program objectives.

  • Programs - Professionally accredited, curriculum based, and high quality.

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